the way to the real adam's recipe


Today, is 15th May 2013, adam just had his test in the afternoon, it was about food safety, he was asked to list many factors, points or whatsoever consideration in the test paper. No so tough i guess, hope adam will get good marks.

No recipe going to be introduced today ( i know it have been long time i have no update this blog again)

Why i so motivated today to update here? Because today adam’s course-mate was talking to him about this blog! That particular course-mate can even depict what i was written here~  adam was actually quite shocked and happy, somebody have read this blog anyhow…

adam says thanks to everyone who support this blog also, actually the number of view increases from year to year, so i was quite satisfying. And one suggestion from her is i should include address in the post which i intro good food next time, okay, i got it and i will definitely slowly update them…

today after adam’s test in the school, he saw this black stuff in his fridge, this looks so interesting and so he took the photo, now i posted here to let everyone has a guess, what is this actually? haha….

p/s : tomorrow is 16th May 2013, it is teacher’s day and at the same time is my beloved arowana death anniversary for the 5th year… so sad… T.T i will always miss him and wish he had become a better life form now.



今天没有介绍食谱,不过呢,今天竟然在等待考试的时候,同学竟然跟我说起我的blog, 还可以背出年十五时写的那篇的大概的意思~真好玩! 殊不知还真的有人读我写的部落格, 哈哈。。满开心的。 其实这3年来阅读人数都有增加,真的是谢谢大家。只是希望可以更好~ 还有同学建议我下次介绍美食的时候要记得附上地址,恩~我会注意的。一定慢慢加上去~ (之前人家建议双语,我也有采纳阿)~

没有什么食谱介绍,我今天考式回来时看见冰箱里有这个黑黑的东西,拍上来让大家猜一下是什么? 有人猜是龟苓膏,桂花糕,都不是啦,看好好~ 哈哈~ 大家猜猜看阿~附带一提, 明天就是教师节5月16日,也是我的爱龙奔天忌日,5年了,我会时时记得你,或许你已经不是一条鱼了,希望你过得更好~




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