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today is the last day of the chinese new year already~~ this day is also lunar calender valentine’s day~ single girls will “throw the mandarin orange” and the boys will being “smash” LOL, just kidding. i think adam will not going to pick up any mandarin orange… hmmm

today i introduce you guys this Chee cheong fan ~ this is common food too but i specially likes this stall one.

the sauce is so special, it comes in sweet taste with unique flavor. i likes the packed texture chee cheong fan too… the rice flour pieces is well rolled and it is firm and springy!

the price is reasonable too rm2.2 for 2 pieces ( increased price after cny, last time was only rm2) T.T you guys can pay a visit there and have a try, but be prepare to queue a little while…



今天给你介绍下这“软软猪肠粉”  招牌就是软软。哈哈,虽然猪肠粉很普通,可是我很喜欢这挡哦,他的酱料特别,甜甜的口味里有特别的味道。肠粉的口感也很好,扎实弹牙又很滑~~

价钱方面还算合理,rm2.2 两条,只是还没过年前才两块钱哦,起价了!

大家有空可以去试试,只是要有排队的心理准备。。。不然就,看见他们的外劳员工在捧给其他人的时候,跟他点就不用排队哦~ 不过还是要等啦,有时那个头发卷卷的外劳人挺好的~ 哈哈~



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