the way to the real adam's recipe


hi, this is the 2nd post over the year 2013, the chinese new year is coming soon, have u prepared for it?

most friends are going to put on new cloths and new hair style for this coming Snake year. adam seems like not going to do anything special about this new year, now he is having his semester break which is really a good time to relax and do nothing… LOL

so… since it is so boring, i’m going to share with you this recipe- papaya milk chicken soup.

Papaya milk is a kind of beverage usually been consumed, and some make it into dessert type food that believe to have an effect on enhancing the body figure of a girl.. haha.. we do care on what girls need. LOL

but, it is true that the protein of the milk and the fiber, mineral and vitamin of the papaya do benefit your body. Say no more, lets look at how to make it.


  • chicken tight ( whole leg) 1 or 2 – depends on serving
  • milk ( i choose HL fresh milk) 300ml
  • papaya, cut, around 1 bowl
  • onion
  • salt

Lets go

  1. cook the cut chicken with onion until 80% cooked.
  2. add in papaya and milk together, simmer to low fire until the chicken is fully cooked.
  3. add in salt that up to your taste, and it is ready to be served.

it is very easy simple recipe, the papaya after cooked is sweet and soft with nice flavor, chicken become much tender and tastier after absorbing the milk. Don’t wait and have a try!

新年快到了哦,大家准备得怎么样了?我看朋友们都忙着买衣服,弄头发,忙个没完,我却什么也没有做, 静静享受难得的假期。

今天给你们介绍的是木瓜牛奶鸡汤。 木瓜牛奶一向来是甜品, 今天我做成汤品,也很特别。木瓜牛奶的组合一直被人们相信有丰胸养颜的功效哦。我不能确定可是牛奶的蛋白质, 木瓜的纤维,维他命等的确可以给你身体带来好处吧? 不然大家试试看就知道了哦?哈哈


  • 鸡腿整1或2个
  • 牛奶300毫升,我用的是HL
  • 木瓜,切块大约1碗
  • 洋葱


  1. 把鸡肉切好加水与洋葱煮到8成熟。
  2. 加入牛奶和木瓜,小火煮熟鸡肉。
  3. 再放入适量盐调味即可。



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