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potato rice

This is the very 1st post for adam in 2013 after he another dragging… this year is his final year in the university and so he is running with his final year project… life is not easy… the world did not end on 21/12/2012, life still goes on. but  This is Great!  adam can still cook and make more recipe! LOL

today… i gonna intro you about this potato rice~ this is not 1st time i sharing rice recipe, you can refer yam rice recipe.

the method of making potato rice is quite similar with yam rice recipe and it is also easy…


  • potato 2 pcs or more, depending on size
  • mix vege (carrot, peas and corn)
  • garlic few clove
  • salt
  • 5-spice-powder, 1/3 tsp
  • rice 2-2.5cups

lets go,

  1. rinse your rice and keep them in the rice cooker.
  2. then, fry the cube potato until brownish gold colour with oil. (5 tbsp approx for the portion given)
  3. after the potato is done, take it out and keep aside.
  4. now, fry the garlic until fragrance, and add in some mix vege and also spice powder.
  5. then, put the fried potato and garlic into the rice cooker. (the oil you can choose to throw it or add into the rice)
  6. add in salt and water accordingly,mix them and  turn on the cooker and wait for it to be served.

potato is preferably fried for longer time until it is really fragrance and cooked, so that it remain intact as a whole after cook. you can also add some topping like spring onion, fried shallots as you like. give it a try and enjoy~


拖拖拉拉来到的2013 年,世界末日没有如期来临,日子继续过,我的大学最后一年继续过,考试继续考,fyp继续受折磨,煮饭继续煮!哈哈



  • 马铃薯 2个,视大小而定
  • 杂豆
  • 蒜头,几瓣
  • 五香粉,1/3 茶匙
  • 米,2-2.5杯


  1. 把米洗好,放在饭锅里先。
  2. 烧开大约5汤匙的油把马铃薯炸/炒到金黄色。
  3. 取出好的马铃薯, 加进蒜头爆香,杂豆,还有五香粉炒一下。
  4. 把所有材料加进饭锅,油的分量可以拿捏,不要太油的话就不要都放进去就是了。
  5. 加入适量水和盐,打开电源,等待饭煮好就可以了。

这个做法不会困难,重点是把马铃薯炸透,不然的话煮好了就会散掉了哦。 大家试试看,记得与我分享你的经验。


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