the way to the real adam's recipe

Adam feels bored. So, he come to his laptop and choose this recipe to share with you all now…
It is so funny to place such statement in the blog but he is just trying to be very honest to you, the respected readers of the blog…. haha

I’m sorry for talking nonsense again… let us see today recipe, the spiced corned egg. I believe this food is very much common for most of you. But do you ever think it is so easy to make? this recipe is simple but it may cost you a little time…. if you let the eggs soaked in the gravy for overnight~ the taste will be just attracting to you~ come and give it a try~


  • eggs X 12 preferable B grade or C if you don’t mind, smaller eggs get into taste faster
  • thick and light soya sauce, mix and become ratio 1 (around 3/4 a bowl)
  • water, ratio 2-3, compare with soya sauce
  • cinnamon stick X 1 around 3 inch
  • cloves X 3-5

here we go~

  1. Cook the eggs with low fire around 15 min until the water boils, hold them in the hot water with lid closed around another 15 mins to make sure all the eggs are harden. Soak them in cold water for a while to bring down the temperature and now peel off the skin.
  2. Now, the white skinned eggs are place into a pot and mix them in the soya sauce mix. The portion of light and thick soya sauce is depends on your choice, different kinds of soya sauce may be sweet or salty, try to make them into proper taste. But of course if you need a darker colour, use thick one…
  3. Then, you can add into water which is 2 – 3 times more than the soya sauce.
  4. add in the spices, cinnamon and cloves
  5. Bring the gravy to boil and turn the fire lower. Boils around 15 mins to 30 mins when the eggs are fully coloured.

If you have enough time, let them soak in the gravy for overnight, upon serving, re-heat them and it will taste good!



虽然讲这个看起来很好笑,可是确实是我对尊贵的读者们的真心话。。。 哈哈

我又乱讲话了。。。 卤蛋是很常见的食物, 可是其实我们自己也可以做做自己味道的卤蛋哦,这食谱很简单可是可能需要费一点点的宝贵时间咯~ 如果时间允许, 隔夜再吃,味道会更好! 废话不多。。。我们来看怎么做


  • 鸡蛋12个,B或C蛋也可以,小的蛋反而容易入味
  • 酱油 , 把黑酱油和酱青组合成 1 的比例, 大概3/4碗
  • 水,酱油的2-3倍
  • 肉桂木 1 个,大概3寸
  • 丁香 3 到 5 个


  1. 把鸡蛋小火煮熟滚,大概15分钟吧,盖子不要打开闷多15分钟确保鸡蛋都熟透。 过后浸冷水以方便去壳。
  2. 把剥壳的鸡蛋与调好的酱油加进锅子里,让他们混合一下。 黑酱油与酱青的比例要根据不同的酱油来调整,只要味道适合就可以了。当然如果你要深色一点的卤蛋就要用黑酱油咯~
  3. 这时,加入水。
  4. 再加进肉桂木和丁香。
  5. 小火煮开差不多15至30分钟,直到鸡蛋都上色。



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