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Hi, here we come to the 88th post in adam’s recipe since it was started 2010~~ time is fast but my writing speed is slow….. if you read my previous post, here is a short update… adam had completed his practical training last month, the memorable and lesson-full 18 weeks had gone! haha…. ( i am still remember this is a food blog so i am trying my very best to least my complaint )

After so much of laziness, today i gonna to share with you another simple recipe — potato braised pork. This dish should be common to most of you and the taste varies because we have different mother!  adam like this dish because it does serve you a thick gravy that you can eat with rice!

okay, stop talking nonsense, let’s see~


  • Potato (diced)
  • Carrot (diced)
  • Pork , can be pork ribs
  • Onion (diced small)
  • Tomato (diced)
  • Thick soya sauce

here we go~

  1. You can choose to fry your diced potato gently before you start or it is definitely okay if you think that serve you oily food.
  2. The pork should be blanched with hot water to remove the odor and blood.
  3. Heat a wok with some oil, add into the potato ( if you do not fry them in advance) , if you did fry them already, then add in onion, and tomato to fry until soft and only add potato,
  4. once the onion and tomato are soft, add in all other ingredient, pork, and carrot.
  5. fry the ingredient with constant mixing. add in thick soya sauce until brown color. mix them with low fire until the fragrance is release.
  6. Now, add in water just to cover all your ingredient. let the fire into simmer until the gravy become thicken.
  7. Add in salt / sugar if you want before serving. (due to the taste of the soya sauce)

The amount of onion and tomato is quite flexible as some may not pleased with the onion flavor. If you think some oyster sauce may make it tastier, go ahead! let’s try and do share with me your experience!

今天是我的第88个帖~ 时间好快~ 这个部落格快2年了,可是我更新的速度慢~~ 真是不好意思~ 如果你读了上一篇~这里给您更新一下~ 实习结束了! 过了18个充满“教训” 的礼拜~ 哈哈。 放心,我还记得我在写食谱,我会尽量不要在发牢骚了!

今天给你介绍的是马铃薯炖肉, 这是很家常的菜吧~但是味道却一家是一家,因为我们都有自己的妈妈,妈妈的味道是独一无二的。 我喜欢这道菜是因为很下饭!



  • 马铃薯 (切丁)
  • 萝卜(切丁)
  • 洋葱(切丁)
  • 番茄(切丁)
  • 猪肉,可以用排骨
  • 黑酱油


  1. 可以将马铃薯轻微炸一下,如果你觉得会油腻,那么绝对可以跳过。
  2. 烧开锅子,加入油,如果你的马铃薯炸过了,这是加入洋葱和番茄炒至软,但是如果马铃薯还是生的,那就加马铃薯先吧。
  3. 等洋葱和番茄都软了,加进其他材料,肉和萝卜。
  4. 加入适量黑酱油调色。记得转小火加,炒到香味出来。
  5. 这是加水盖过所有材料,小火炖煮到收汁变浓。
  6. 如果需要,可以在最后依照个人喜好加盐或糖。

洋葱和番茄的分量可以调整,并不是每个然喜欢洋葱。不过洋葱的甜味的确加分。如果你觉得加上耗油可以提升美味度,那么就加吧! 哈哈~ 记得试试看。


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  1. 已经发很多牢骚了lol

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