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Duck meat with beansprout~ nice!! see the tempting pork lard~

This comes the middle of week 14 of adam’s practical in the factory. This sounds quite exciting but the problem is he has to write his report! omg~  this is really a tiring job…. now adam ignore his work and come to write this blog~ LOL

Just now, adam was in the car with his friends and suddenly talked about blogging and this is why he now remember to update his blog with something! haha… adam always have something to share but just be kept in the folder for too long.

today i gonna introduce you about this hawker center at sg. Nibong penang island which selling Kuey Tiao soup and curry mee. I have been this place for many times for supper. I wanted to share this with you all but always so forgetful to take down the photo. ( because just remember to eat it once the food is served? )

I particularly like the Duck Meat Kuey Tiao soup which having a lots of ingredients inside. There are duck meat, pork liver, pork intestine, fish ball and something that i cant really name it out. Just as personal preference,  i like mee more than kuey tiao so i always ask to change into mee instead of having kuey tiao… and the duck meat with beansprout is really nice too! i like the tender duck meat that serves together with beansprout and sprinkle with pork lard~ that taste awesome. LOL

Another stall there is selling curry mee and the curry mee is quite nice also! They offer different kinds of ingredient for you to choose such as prawn and chicken and so on.

Also, there is another stall that sells ZhuChar, i like to order the fried lala, fried kapa or fried prawn all that. Extremely suitable for supper!

mee soup with lots if ingredients

今天是实习生活的第14个礼拜了,接近尾声,是否很开心呢? 可是问题是需要做报告了厄~ 好累人的工作,我却放着报告不管,来写部落格。

刚在车上和朋友聊到写部落格的东西,回来就突然这么的写一下~ 哈哈。 其实我时常都在收集资料怎样写,就是有时真的太懒惰了啦~

今天给你介绍槟城 sg nibong 洗布桥饮食中心。这里的食物我很早就想写,就是没有那个记性去拍照片,每次食物一上桌, 就开始吃了~ 哈哈~

我特别喜欢这里的鸭肉粿条汤, 里面的料有好多种,猪肝猪肠,鱼丸,鸭肉还有不知名的东东。由于个人喜好,我比较会要求把粿条换成面。还有,这里的芽菜鸭肉我也很喜欢。 嫩嫩的鸭肉配上芽菜,最厉害就是那个很象很脆的炸猪油。配合的优点不会形容。LOL

另外一档售卖的事咖喱面,有很多配料可以选择,虾,鸡肉,还有什么我不记得了~ 再来就是煮炒档,我时常都会点炒 lala, 炒 kapa 或是炸虾,炸虾姑。 这些都是很适作宵夜阿~ 哈哈~ 大家有空记得去试看看,傍边是酒吧,可以把食物点进去的哦~ 就不知道果条汤配啤酒在加 kara-ok 的味道是怎样的~~

Curry mee


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