the way to the real adam's recipe

Hi all~ this is an early morning and adam is going to go his work (internship) later at 730am.

And without a very good reason, he update his blog at this moment after another long time of laziness~ today i gonna share with you 1 very weird combination, the tomyam and spaghetti. I’m not sure whether it is common or amaze you, but then for me, this is quite a nice one!


  • spaghetti
  • tomyam paste (any brand you like)
  • onion
  • tomato

lets go.

  1. cook the spaghetti according to the instruction given on the packaging.
  2. to cook the paste, you have to first boil the diced tomato and onion and simmer for sometime ( depends on quantity)
  3. once the onion and tomato are becoming soft and mash, you can add in tomyam paste~ suggested ratio is 1 tomyam paste to 3 portion of water.
  4. after cooked, just serve it on top of the spaghetti.

the paste have to make it thick by use more tomato, maybe you can use 2 tomato per serving and the water is about 1 cup. onion can be flexible as some of the people may not like it much. To make it tastier, squeeze some lime juice on it before serve! again, do not hesitate and go try now! please share with me your experience ~ for another kind of creative spaghetti recipe click pumpkin spaghetti


嗨,现在好好早,我却发神经了来更新这里,哈哈~等下就要去做工了~ 希望一切尽可能的平平安安~

今天给你介绍一个怪怪的组合, 酸辣东炎口味的意大利面。 虽然我不知道这样的组合是否普遍,但是对我而言,满好吃的哦~


  • 意大利面
  • 酸辣酱
  • 洋葱
  • 番茄


  1. 事先根据包装的指示煮好意大利面。
  2. 把切好的番茄,洋葱用水煮开,然后小火焖一下。
  3. 当他们都软了后,加进酸辣酱。 大致上是1份酱对3分水。
  4. 煮好后加在意大利面上面就可以啦 ~

这里我建议的分量是一人分大约2个番茄,洋葱方面可以随心,毕竟不是每个人喜欢。水的分量呢,1 人分1杯。

还向增加一点好味道?加上一些酸柑吧~ 呵呵~ 大家试试看!与我分享你们的作品哦!还有其他创意的意大利面料理,按南瓜意大利面




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