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Kimchi soup~ 泡菜汤~

recently the weather is hot and i think that is good to have some food which is more appetizing~ isn’t it right? haha

hmm… so what is so appetizing and easy made? something sour and spicy…. you might think of tomyam soup right now~ adam shared with you all tomyam soup before and i think today he have a new soup recipe to share!  the kimchi soup~

kimchi soup main ingredients is of course kimchi and here i recommend you to buy from the market the ready made kimchi ( even tough i never brought any before, sorry 😦 ) adam made his kimchi by himself. To be honest , he is still researching his kimchi making recipe but i’m sure that is quite all right to follow this recipe to make the kimchi soup with the ready-made-kimchi from market.


  • ready made kimchi~
  • golden needle mushroom – the flammulina
  • egg , can be optional
  • sesame oil
  • salt
  • chilies or chiles paste

here we go~

  1. prepare a portion of kimchi and boil them with water.
  2. add in chilies as well if you want more spicy flavor , or chilies paste
  3. then add into salt up to taste.
  4. bring the soup to gentle boiling.
  5. now, place the mushroom on it and break an egg on it.
  6. switch off the fire and pour some sesame oil on top.
  7. cover the lid of the pot and let it stand probably about 5 minutes and it is now ready to serve!

this soup is just too simple and i m sure you gonna like it much~ if you think to add some chicken meat, it is pretty fine but remember to cook the chicken before the kimchi added.


简单又开胃的? 你会不会想到酸辣东炎汤? 哈哈~ 我之前已经分享过了~ 今天我们来一点特别的,泡菜汤~

当然,泡菜汤最重要的就是泡菜了~ 可是呢~ 我还是建议 去买市场上弄好的泡菜~ (我自己是没有买过啦~有点贵), 原因就是我还在研究自己的泡菜炮法~ 不果我相信味道还是很ok 的~


  • 泡菜
  • 金针菇
  • 鸡蛋
  • 辣椒/辣椒酱
  • 麻油


  1. 把适量的泡菜加水煮开。
  2. 加上辣椒或辣椒酱。
  3. 然后,再微微滚一下。
  4. 摆上金针菇。
  5. 打一个鸡蛋上去,熄火。
  6. 淋上麻油。
  7. 把锅盖盖好,差不过5分钟后就可以享用啦~

超简单吧~? 我想你会喜欢的。 如果想要加上鸡肉,也是可以的~ 不过要记得得把鸡肉先煮熟了再加泡菜继续以上步骤。


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