the way to the real adam's recipe

Nestum chicken 麦片鸡~

Hmm.. this time, adam is going to shut up his mouth and stop saying nonsense before sharing any recipe~ but just for this time and the next time there will be a big chance that i will complaint again. lol

okay, stop the rubbish and today i gonna introduce you this recipe which is also very suitable for party and gathering. Nestum chicken is similar with nestum prawn and cereal toufu that i introduced before. But this time i have made some improvement and so this recipe will be much easier compared to others.

lets try.


  • chicken breast meat
  • wheat flour
  • egg
  • nestum cereal
  • oil
  • seasoning, soya sauce, pepper and sesame oil

let’s go

  1. cut the chicken meat in to bite size.
  2. season with soya sauce, pepper and sesame oil
  3. coat the chicken with wheat flour
  4. then coat with egg
  5. and last coat it with nestum cereal
  6. deep fry with medium fire until golden colour.
  7. ready to serve.

Please go and try and share with me your experience~

这次,我闭嘴,废话不多,就给你介绍食谱,可就只是这次罢了~ 下次我在废话多多拉~ lol~ 今天介绍麦片鸡。

麦片鸡和之前介绍的麦片虾,还有麦片豆腐的做法是接近的,不过这次我做了一点改良,让这道菜变得容易一些。 这菜非常适合聚会哦~ 准备一下,让你的朋友们惊喜一下吧~


  • 鸡胸
  • 面粉
  • 调味 – 酱油,胡椒,麻油


  1. 把鸡肉切丁。
  2. 调味用酱油,胡椒,麻油腌过。
  3. 沾上面粉。
  4. 然后沾上鸡蛋。
  5. 最后裹上麦片
  6. 热油中火炸到金黄。
  7. 好了~

记得试试看~ 与我分享你的意见~



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