the way to the real adam's recipe

halo halo~ tomorrow is going into the 5th week of adam’s training….. hope everything goes smoothly till the very end of the training~

even though there will be less time for me coming out with new recipes~ i try my best to “dig out ” the old one and update~ haha ~

today is another easy and tasty dessert that i gonna intro to you~ it is really easy and i think this serves very best in small gathering and party~ next time you will serve this to impress your friends ya! haha


  • sago
  • honeydew red and white one  (diced)
  • sugar
  • evaporated milk and/or coconut milk

lets go.

  1. Please cook the sago in advance, boil a lot of water and put the sago in and keep stir gently until all sago become translucent.
  2. take them out and soak in iced water and probably rinse with cold water few times.
  3. now boil another pot of water.
  4. add in sugar up to your desire sweetness.
  5. and now you can add in evaporated milk or coconut milk. You can mix them and  choose 1 of them. The taste is quite distinct but i feel both can be complement to each other.
  6. wait for it for little boiling, just a while, turn of the fire.
  7. while it hot, put in honeydew and sago may add in while the water cool down a bit.
  8. serve it cold and it taste really nice!

嗨嗨~ 明天就是我实习的第5个礼拜了~ 哈哈~ 希望之后一切顺顺利利, 平平安安~

时间少了 点,不太能做新的食谱~ 不过呢,我尽量“挖”出来就对了拉~哈哈

今天给你们介绍一道还是很容易的甜品,蜜瓜西米露~ 这个甜品很好用哦,聚会还是什么,你就准备这个去,保证很受欢迎~ ~ 下次记得!


  • 西米
  • 蜜瓜 (红的,白的,切丁)
  • 淡奶,或者椰漿~ 可以2选1, 或者都用,两个的味道分别有差,不过我觉得还是很搭配一下~


  1. 把西米煮好,煮开一大锅水,放进西米,轻轻搅拌至到西米都变透明了,捞起放入冰水里备用,可以的话用干净的清水冲一下。
  2. 再煮开一锅水。
  3. 加入 糖,直到你要的甜度。
  4. 然后加入淡奶或椰浆 ~ 可以两个都下。
  5. 让糖水滚一下,熄火,乘热加入蜜瓜。
  6. 西米可以等凉了一些再加进去。
  7. 然后可以放进冰箱冰一下。味道更好。



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