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Rice Ball Omusubi~

another long time adam is trying to be lazy to update this blog~ adam is now having his internship in one soya sauce manufacturer~ so… he has a little busy with the 8-6 working hours and another so… he has lesser time to work on new recipe~ T.T

internship is nice~ personnel issue is there~ as expected ~ but luckily got nice supervisor who did not give me much pressure~ thanks god about that…

ok~ no more nonsense~ today ~ now ( so late) , i goona share with you the rice ball recipe~ this is another super easy and fast recipe~ do it ! haha


  • carlose rice
  • salt
  • filling ( can be sour plum, shrimp or even sambal)
  • seaweed, cut into small rectangular shape

** to make it into nice shape~ you may need to have a mold to make rice ball which you can purchase in Daisso~ RM5 for 2 pieces, one big one smaller~ **

let’s go.

  1. cook the carlose rice with little salt if wanted ~ or else it is ok to let it plain in taste.
  2. now prepare the seaweed and filling as you like.
  3. the filling can be sambal if you want to make it like local~ haha.. i tried and that is pretty good in taste~!
  4. now put the rice in in the mold about 50% full. add in the filling and now cover with another scope of rice.
  5. press the mold tightly and hold for like 10 sec~
  6. take out the rice ball then put on the seaweed~
  7. done!


isn’t it nice and easy? haha…. make your own filling and share with me what you have did ~!


我又好像有一段时间没有更新了~ 原因就是去了实习阿~ 目前我在一家酱油厂实习~ 时间上少了, 没有时间玩我的厨房了!哈哈

实习的过程还好吧~ 还是有些人事的问题,幸好的是上司还不错~希望可以学到不错的东西~到时再与大家分享~哈哈

好了,我又废话了~ 今天给你分享下饭团的食谱~ 还是超简单的~不要介意太简单了哦~


  • 珍珠米
  • 馅料(可以选者喜爱的,辣椒都行~ 哈哈,如果要地道日本风味,用上酸梅,还是话梅吧)
  • 紫菜 (切成长条)** 要把形状弄的好看需要用到摸具~ daisso 买的到哦~ 5块钱2个,一大一小,很好用。**


  1. 把米加少许盐煮好,不加盐也可以~
  2. 准备好馅料,不要拘禁,我用过虾米辣椒,很好味!哈哈
  3. 把饭放进模具,加入馅料。 在放上一汤匙饭。
  4. 把模具扣好,压紧。差不多10秒~
  5. 拿出来,放上紫菜。
  6. 完成!

是不是好简单? 大家做做自己的新陷料~ 跟我分享哦!



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