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Tomyam Fried Mihun~

Halo ~~ this CNY is goona end soon. I think most people are back to work and no more CNY mood ya~ haha….

But i’m sure there will be 2 more weeks for me to holiday. 1 more week at home and i will back to the uni 1 week before school reopen.

adam is going to internship once shool reopen.. hmmm… that will be totally new experience for me. also, due to the intern, i have to choose to give up a chance to work as a kitchen helper in a western restaurant. Quite a waste of chance but i really cant make it to cope 2 jobs in 1 time… haiz… sorry to adam! i m really sorry to myself!

ok, after annoying complaining, today i will share with you another super simple recipe – tomyam fried mihun! This mihun with tomyam taste is really a great creation and i think it is quite available in most pasar malam or morning market.

no more hesitate, let’s try…


  • Mihun (soaked)
  • tomyam paste ( any bottled brand that you preferred)
  • onion
  • garlic
  • some vege such as cabbage , carrot or even cherries tomato
  • cut/sliced chilies ( option)
  • spring onion
  • ginger flower or so called laksa flower ( cut into really small mince)

let’s do

  1. cut onion and garlic accordingly.
  2. heat a wok with oil.
  3. saute the onion and garlic until fragrance
  4. add in vege or  cut chilies as you like and fry them until soft
  5. add in water, not too much. and now add in tomyam paste.
  6. put the soaked mihun and mix them well.
  7. now add in minced ginger flower and mix again well
  8. if the mihun is still hard, add some water accordingly.
  9. serve the mihun with some sprinkled spring onion.

The amount of tomyam paste is about 1 tablespoon for 1.5 servings. The taste can be varies as the choice of the tomyam paste is change, if there is enough tomyam paste, it is really Okay to cook it without single salt. but still it is very depends on your taste. feel free to change the recipe.


嗨,新年快接近尾声了,多数人已经在工作了吧。已经没有新年气息了哦? 哈哈


一开学,我就会开始实习了。 真的是全新的体验,不知道具体情况会是怎样,但愿一切安好。 因为实习的关系,我没办法只好放弃了一个可以去西餐厅学习的机会。 有点可惜啊! 可是我却不能同时兼2分工作,真是对不起我自己!

好了,罗嗦完毕。今天我给你分享另外一个超级简单的食谱- 冬炎炒米粉。

冬炎炒米粉是很普遍的食物, 夜市早市都容易找到吧? 哈哈,大家别犹豫,自己试试看煮吧。


  • 米粉 (泡水至软)
  • 冬炎酱 (任何你喜爱的牌子)
  • 洋葱
  • 蒜头
  • 辣椒或蔬菜 (包菜,萝卜等)
  • 青葱
  • 姜花(切碎)


  1. 把少许油热开。
  2. 加入洋葱,蒜头暴香。
  3. 加入辣椒或喜爱的蔬菜炒软。
  4. 加水。加入适量冬炎酱。
  5. 然后,放入米粉炒匀。
  6. 这是加上姜花继续炒匀。
  7. 如果米粉较硬,再加水翻炒。
  8. 呈盘时撒上青葱。
  9. 完成。

冬炎酱的分量大约是1汤匙对1.5 分的米粉。 分量可自由调整,如果适当使用冬炎酱,可以不必放盐。可依个人口味调整盐与酱料的比例。


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