the way to the real adam's recipe

Today is the 3rd day of Dragon Year~ how about the angpow that you have received? Nice enough?

Adam is just relax and hope can be even more relaxing~ lol…. today i‘m going to share with you this potato salad which is quite light and refreshing after so much of heavy food during this new year event~ let’s see.


  • potato ( cook or steam then peel and dice it into bite size)
  • mayonnaise
  • onion (diced)
  • thyme leave
  • salt

let’s do it~ this is really simple

  1. Put all together the diced potato which is cooked and peeled into a big bowl.
  2. Put mayonnaise and mix them well….
  3. add some salt if you think you need it
  4. then sprinkle some thyme leaves on it
  5. done and ready to serve~

you can choose to serve it cool  and it taste just nice… salt is optional as the mayonnaise sometimes is salty enough. Have a good try and enjoy~ haha

今天是初三了哦~ 大家的红包收得还可以吧? 哈哈~

我在家就好清闲,我还想再清闲一点点哦~ 今天根大家分享一道比较没有负担的食物,马铃薯沙律



  • 马铃薯 (煮熟,剥皮,切块)
  • 洋葱(切丁)
  • 沙律酱
  • 麝香叶


  1. 把马铃薯和洋葱放在大碗里。
  2. 加入沙律酱拌匀。
  3. 然后加上适量的盐, 口味随意。
  4. 撒上一些麝香叶
  5. 完成。

这道马铃薯沙律冷吃一样很好味,一点也不用担心温度的问题。盐的部分可以选择加或不加,口味因人而异也因为沙律酱的不同有所改变。 试试看哦~


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