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Few more days to go, chinese new year is coming! another year is passed.  Many students are coming back from their university to hometown to celebrate this New Year with family. adam is just one of those student who have to travel far (from the north part penang to south johor) , you know i m just well too excited to wait the moment to go back. but something  happened that does not pleasant me at all. TODAY, i m not going to recommend you about nice food but sharing with you all about the bad experience happened (for the very first time i m writing some bad thing about restaurant) . Even i m so eager to back home, still i wish to have a nice dinner. So, i was decided to pay a short visit at this Wong Kok Little Kitchen in Queensbay Mall.

This is not the first time i come to this Wong Kok Little Kicthen@Queensbay Mall Penang but several time already, their food are okay and should be a satisfying dinner. BUT, my experience yesterday was really bad. I was in a little hurry as i  have to be in the Sg.Nibong bus station before 930pm, i arrived in Wong Kok Little Kicthen at 755pm and have a look at the menu, i ordered the food ” skillfully” as i already sort of familiar with their menu. My friend and me wanted to order  totally 3 items, 1 milk tea, fried carrot cake and kimchi fried rice. Now, coming a waiter who in pink long shelves shirt with a thick framed- spect, He took our orders and repeated it orally. Yes, all orally, he did not write down a single word and he left. I thought that is ok as i saw one of their worker did the same before. Actually, i was quite amazed with their so efficient worker who able to take order with super memory. and so we waited.

after about 20 mins, 815pm, and we wondered where is the food and even the milk tea is not yet being served. I saw the table coming after me was already having their food and now we called for help. Another waiter in black came, i asked him to check order and after that i realized that particular waiter in pink did not key in our order to the system. My friend and me were really feel mad about it, due to time constraint, we left and i only heard a single ” 不好意思“ (sort of sorry) from the waiter who in black.

I really cannot understand how the training to the workers are done, if they choose to take order in such “impressive way” (without any writing or take down notes) , i hope the service should be impressive too ….right?

I remember what i saw, clearly and vividly, the waiter who in black which i called him to check order was in blur ( as i think there is no record of order) and he asked the one in pink ( who taken my order with his “super memory”) , i think the one in pink did not admit and refuse to serve me again ( is he feeling guilty? or totally forget about that already?) i think he asked the waiter in black to come back to me and take order again. ( what came into his mind? to ask another waiter to serve me back meaning he knows what he did but he dare not come ?)

we left the Wong Kok with bad feeling. I just share this to you all and sort of expressing the anger. This incident tells me, service is important and the worker training is also important .Even he had forgotten what we ordered, he should able to see there were still 2 people there waiting. He don’t feel something is wrong after others table food is in serving? or he just thought that can be ignored and others waiter will be called up and responsible for his fault?

whoever feel wan to go this restaurant, i just remind you all to carefully take the order and make sure they key in your order, if the worker trying to perform the “super memory” skill again, question them!

华人新年快到了哦!很多学子都准备回乡过年了~ 我也不例外哦。 必须从遥远的槟城搭巴士10个小时回家。我很兴奋阿!好久才回家一次耶。虽然兴奋,但是发生了一些不太爽的事情哦。 我再兴奋的想回家也好,还是得吃个晚餐。就想说吃个好一点点的。 可是就是发生了不愉快的事。 这绝对是我第一次写餐厅不好的地方。昨天,我有点赶时间的吧,因为我必须赶上930的巴士。我决定去 qeensbay 槟城皇后湾广场 旺角小厨用餐。

时间755pm, 我走进餐厅,坐下,迅速的看完菜单然后熟练的点完我的食物。这不是我第一次来旺角小厨,菜单里有些什么我其实都记得,所以当然很快的解决想吃什么的烦恼。我和朋友一共点了3样东西,奶茶,炒萝卜糕和泡菜炒饭。这时,来了一个身穿粉红色长袖衣服外加一副粗框眼镜的服务生。我们点了食物,他口诉重复了一遍。没错,口诉,没有记录下来任何一个字,手上没有任何纸张或记事本子。我不以为意,之前看过他们有个服务生也是用同样的方式帮客人点餐。所以我们静静等待。

820pm, 比我迟来的客人已经在享用食物了,中途连我们的奶茶都没有上。感觉不对经了,我们叫来了服务生,这时来了另一位身穿黑色的服务生。我示意叫他去查我点的食物。 结果才发现是哪个粉红色服务生并没有把我的 order 输入系统,所以,哪来的食物?!

我非常记得我看见的,那位黑衣服务生看来很茫然 (我想是查不到点餐记录), 他转身问其他同事,那个粉色服务生看起来若无其事,像是指示黑衣服务生来再为我点餐。(他在想什么?完全忘记了?还是根本不敢承认错误?)我们生气了,眼看也没有什么时间,我们离开了。 离开时只听见一声“不好意思”

我不明白为何他(粉色的服务生), 可以选择用那么“强”的点餐方式,服务却不是想象的“强”?对吧?就像是,没有那么大的头,何必拿个大帽子?


这事情告诉我员工的训练,素质很重要,最少他需要知道错误,道个歉。我还没有那么生气啊?!我想我只是要提醒下大家下次拜访旺角小厨的时候小心点餐。如果他们的员工再次表演“超级记忆法” 还是“照相记忆法” , 请质疑!




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