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Simple Sushi~

Today is adam’s last paper along the exam weeks~ this semester is kind of relax and tough~ ==. adam don’t know how to explain about it~ and maybe this is the reason why adam is so slow in updating this blog~ hope the update will be more frequent after this ya~ haha

today, i want to share with you recipe of sushi~ i think most people like this sushi and i think homemade sushi is definitely kind of food that you can play with your creativity. i just want to say this is just a guideline and feel free to modify and get your own recipe~ haha


  • calrose rice ( 2 cup of rice aprox for 5 rolls)
  • vinegar
  • sugar
  • salt
  • vege/crabstick/egg and whatsoever ingredient you like
  • seaweed

lets go,

  1. Fully cook the rice and mix them with vinegar, sugar and salt until the taste you comfortable with. If you do not wish to have too sour one, cut of the vinegar volume.
  2. keep the rice aside for it to cool down.
  3. cut vege such as cucumber and carrot into long strips, if you making a crab stick one, make sure it is cooked also.
  4. Now, place a pieces of seaweed and cover it with thin later or the cooked rice. Cover about 2/3 of the seaweed.
  5. then place the vege or any filling at the middle of the rice part.
  6. roll it up and press it with a sushi mat to get firm roll.
  7. now you can cut them into pieces with a sharp knife and it is ready to serve!

if  you find it is hard to cut them nicely ~ wet your knife before cut!

今天我终于考完试了阿! 好开心啊~ 这个学期,说轻松还好,说辛苦也还好,就是不会形容啦。哈哈~ 可能就是这个原因所以我时常都没有更新我的部落格咯,希望下次加油一点阿!



  • 珍珠米 (2杯米的量大约 5 卷寿司)
  • 紫菜
  • 馅料 (蔬菜,蟹柳,鸡蛋等等)


  1. 把米煮熟,加进醋,盐,糖,适量。你可以随意调整比例来适应口味,有的人不喜欢酸酸的味道,减少醋的用量。
  2. 把饭放冷。
  3. 这个时候准备馅料啦,把青瓜萝卜等切丝,如果用蟹柳可要煮熟哦
  4. 准备紫菜一张, 把饭铺满2/3
  5. 把馅料放在饭的中间,卷起来。
  6. 压紧,这样才可以确保寿司够扎实。
  7. 然后就可以切块了。



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