the way to the real adam's recipe

HAHAHA~ adam is bad in managing this blog. I think it is over months adam did not update this blog… but still he is cooking all the way~ LOL~

Pass 2 days was chinese Winter Solstice festival~ everyone is doing tanyuan for the festival~ most student in university are not able to be at home during this year’s festival due to the shifting of semester period.  So, i saw many people were doing their own tangyuan and pass to friends. adam was having test on the day and cant make it~ the next day~ adam did it and it were  angry bird and angry pig! haha ~ it is cute? ????? i m quite happy i m able to produce it~ haha

adam made some of it and pass to his friends, the feedback was petty good and some comment about the sweetness.. hmmm….. they want more sweet… ok~ adam is taking his note…

Here i show you all the photo, but i m sorry i did not take down the photo while i am doing it~ so i cant really share the method to make it… but it is quite simple …. use your art intuition ~ haha

all in all… i’m adam~ do not confuse with the addressing of “him” in the paragraph above~ lol ><

好久好久没有更新了~ 我真是不爱管理~多多抱歉~

前2天是冬至,有人冬至大过年。 可是今年很多大学生都没办法回家过冬至 ( 大学的学期延后了阿)

我看见好多同学做了汤圆,有的还分给了朋友。我当天有考试阿~ 所以隔了一天才作汤圆给朋友们分享。

可是。。。今年的汤圆不同哦! 是愤怒鸟!!! 哈哈哈~ 可爱吧?  回响还不错的样子。满开心的哦~只是有同学说要甜一点 ~我都知道了~~


我做这个汤圆的过程忘记拍照了哦~ 不能和你们分享制作过程哦~ 不过其实满简单的,发挥一下艺术细胞吧~哈哈。。。。谢谢哦


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