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do you like tomyam? adam likes the tomyam because of the spiciness and unique sour taste~ most of the time, cooking tomyam is easy where the ready-made tomyam paste is available everywhere.  usually, the tomyam are red and i think that is hard to try a white tomyam right? here, adam tells you how to make it~

ingredients for the soup: for 3 to 4 pax

  • lemongrass x3
  • onion 1-2
  • ginger ( about the half) of onion
  • garlic , few halves
  • chilies padi
  • fish sauce
  • soya sauce
  • salt
  • lime juice ( can be adjusted accordingly)

additional ingredients

  • chicken
  • toufu
  • carrot
  • tomato
  • young corn
  • mushroom
  • and anything you think that is suitable!! flexible ya

let go~

  1. cut/smash the lemongrass with the knife so it can release the smell when boiling.
  2. add into garlic, ginger, onion.chilies padi and lemongrass all together to boil until the onion soft.
  3. then you can add in the addition ingredient as you wish.
  4. lastly add into salt, fish sauce and soya sauce for seasoning.
  5. add in lime juice before serving.
  6. done!

isn’t it easy? the spiciness and the sour taste can be all adjusted to suite your own taste buds~ you can make it into seafood one or vege one~ that is flexible~ oh ya~ if you wish to add some chicken bone to boil the soup that is definitely ok! use your creativity and enjoy! try it~!

东炎汤是很常见的食物~酸辣的口味很多人都喜欢~ 红的的香辣东炎普通~ 白色的呢?

今天给你介绍一下简单的白色东炎汤怎么做~ 我觉得蛮容易的~ 想要加什么料就加什么~ 不要拘束哦~!哈哈

基本上只要知道汤低的基本材料~其他变化上的程度就自己决定了~ 味道还是不错的~ 看看怎么做吧~


  • 香茅 3支
  • 洋葱1,2个
  • 蒜头 几瓣
  • 渔露
  • 酱清
  • 酸甘汁 (自行调整)


  • 鸡肉
  • 番茄
  • 豆腐
  • 萝卜
  • 小玉米
  • 等等等。。。


  1. 把香茅拍软,同辣椒,洋葱,姜,蒜头煮开
  2. 加入附加材料
  3. 调味~ 用渔露,酱清还有盐
  4. 最后上桌前加上酸甘汁!完成!

简单吧? 如果想加一些鸡骨头在汤里,也是可以的。记得把洋葱煮软了才加别的材料,这样比较确保味道好些~容易吧~~用你的创意煮出你的个人酸辣汤吧~哈哈!


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