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Fried wantan~~

hi~ again~ adam did not update his blog so frequently. But this time is not due to busy-ness but lazy-ness! hahaha ~ what the hell is he doing?  i have no idea but you may email him to show some concern!

adam was just lazy to write his blog but he is still working in the kitchen to make some nice food~ today~ i m going to introduce you a simple, tasty and tempting snack food~ the fried wantan~ maybe this is not a so special food but i m quite sure this is quite well accepted because of the crispiness~ actually~ you can do it also! let us see~~


  • minced meat~ chicken or pork
  • soysauce
  • salt
  • corn starch
  • sesame oil
  • wantan/dumpling skin

here we go~

  1. mix minced meat, soy sauce, salt corn starch together and add into sesame oil last.
  2. take the mixed meat in small amount ( about 1 teaspoon) and wrap with ready made wantan skin
  3. use some water to seal if you find it difficult to seal them.
  4. fry over medium-strong fire with oil until golden colour.
  5. done~~

here are some tips for you~ the ratio of seasoning basically can be adjusted but here i tell you how adam was done~ about 3 big tablespoon of meat with 2 teaspoon of soya sauce and 1/4 teaspoon of salt~ the corn starch about 1 teaspoon as well as sesame oil~

if you not going to fry them once you made it~ please remember to keep in fridge otherwise the skin turn into disastrous~ hope you enjoy this recipe~

有是好一段时间我没有更新食谱了~ 真是不负责任阿~ 这次不是因为忙而是好懒惰阿~ 漫长的假期开始了~ 我就变成懒惰虫了! 哈哈哈~

虽然我懒惰写~ 但是我还是很勤力在厨房做的~~ 呵呵~~~ 今天给你介绍一个很简单的食谱~ 炸云吞~ 很普通的小食~香脆的口感很惹人爱~ 可是其实你也可以做得到哦!


  • 绞肉
  • 酱清
  • 署粉
  • 麻油
  • 云吞皮/饺子皮


  1. 把绞肉,盐,酱清,署粉混合好,然后加上麻油~
  2. 把大约一个茶匙的量的肉包紧在云吞皮里
  3. 如果你觉得很难封住云吞~ 可以用一点水。
  4. 用中大火热油把云吞炸至金黄色就好了。

调味料的分量和肉的分量可以自行调整。 我用大约3大汤匙的 肉加上2茶匙酱清,1/4 茶匙盐,1茶匙署粉和1茶匙麻油。

记得了,如果做好的云吞没有马上进油锅炸~ 记得放进冰箱不然云吞皮吸收水分就不好了~  简单吧~记得试试看!


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