the way to the real adam's recipe

“The moment we are longing to, while we are face to face” ~~ wow~ this is the slogan of the cafe that i visited, the name is called “face to face”  the shop located in penang Time Square~

in chinese , face can means ” noodles” , haha ~ this shop claimed that they are selling sarawak style tradition homemade noodles~

personally i feel the environment is nice and the service is good~ fast and friendly~ i would say hard to find such service~ or just i met the particular waiter who very dedicated~ haha

in the menu, they have marked the good selling item and the chef recommended item, i have chosen 1 of them which is the spicy dry noodles~ i can say the taste is very nice and the special made chilies is provided to you unlimited~ wow~ adam likes to have such unlimited provided chilies or sauces~~ haha ~ the waiter tell me the trick to eat the noodles~ add in the special made chilies, break the eggyolk and mix the noodles evenly ~these 3 steps have make the taste great~!

i m sure will go to there again~ do have a visit when you have the chance ~

槟城时代广场现在有个新名字~ 叫做 食代广场~ 里面真的有好多食物哦~ 我朋友推荐了我一间“面对面”

这家面店卖的是标榜 沙劳越 传统手工拉面~ 我蛮喜欢它的环境~ 服务好,快,又亲切~ 不过也可能我刚好就遇到一位比较称职的服务生罢了~ 哈哈~

菜单里面写明了那些食物时畅销食物,那些是厨师推荐~ 我选了 麻辣干面~~畅销+厨师推荐~

我觉得味道很好~ 特别~ 面条粗粗的,有咬劲~ 搭配特制辣椒~ 好吃哦~ 无限量供应辣椒~ 我个人很喜欢这种作风~ 而且哪里的辣椒选择真的很多哦~

服务生教我吃他们的麻辣面的诀窍~ 加入辣椒~ 打破蛋黄,拌匀面条一起吃~ 这3个简单步骤让味道融合的很好~ 我喜欢!

我还会去光顾哦~ 哈哈~ 有机会试试看~


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