the way to the real adam's recipe

i like this more~ the small noodles

This shop i goona introduce to you today is located Taman Bukit Jambul flat in Penang~ they selling a common food that is called pan mian~

pan mian actually is a noodles which made from flour dough…. usually it is handmade by the owner, so that you can have variety of taste  from different stall as their formulation are slightly different.

this shop is located inside the flat area~ there are open ground area that allow you to enjoy the fresh air but be aware of the ” foreign particle” haha~ as you are sitting under many trees.

their pan mian is my favorite~ i particularly recommend you their dry pan mian~ it is really nice and can be much much much nicer when you adding their chilies paste~ the chilies paste is very nice and special~ not that spicy as i think most people can accept ~ and the combination with the panmian is so perfect~ unlimited chilies paste is provided~ you can just add it accordingly~ NICE!

i like to order a big portion with extra ikan bilis~ and of course i will add myself a lot of chilies~ wow~~ too nice the taste~ too hard to describe~ haha ~ they operating from morning till lunch time~ have a visit if you have the chance~!

今天介绍一点点不同的~ 哈哈~ 好味园 板面。 板面算是很平常的食物~ 很多时候味道都不太一样~ 可能是因为是各家手工自作~ 配方不同的关系~

这家店坐落在租屋区里面~ 外面有座位供食客享受清新空气~ 不过小心在外面吃面有“不明物体”哦~哈哈~ 因为你坐在大树下哦!

我很喜欢这家的板面~ 我特别推荐干捞的~ 有粗细可以选择~ 很好味~ 不过加上他们的辣椒酱就更加加分!辣椒酱就摆在桌上~ 无限量供应~ 加多少是多少~ 辣椒不是很辣~ 大家一定接受的了~ 我个人觉得,如果你吃他们的面不加辣椒~ 就不好玩了~~阿哈哈~



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