the way to the real adam's recipe

Do you like my previous post about James Foo new shop?  today i goona write about Wong chau Jun again~ haha~ After the really nice spicy and sour fish mihun and the famous toufu~ i found that their fried mihun also very nice~

I think this is the one you have to really try it. How to say? the taste is unique~ unlike normal fried mihun~ this fried mihun give a strong coke ( burnt) flavor. the fragrance is strong but not over~ really unique and taste nice~ the gravy is thick and the taste is smooth~  adam don’t have anymore word to describe ~ just try it by yourself~ haha

还喜欢我前面介绍的 james foo 西餐? 今天再一次给你介绍王昭君– 之前的酸辣鱼肉米粉,招牌豆腐大家式过了? 我发现阿~他们的鱼肉炒米粉也是很不错哦

我想这道鱼肉炒米粉真的必须尝试一下~ 味道很特别~ 带有很强的焦香味~ 不像其他的炒米粉~ 那个焦香味重而不过分~ 汤汁浓稠又滑~ 搭配起来味道的确很好~ 实在不会形容了~ 有机会大家自己去试试看~!


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