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Now, it is the long long holiday for adam to enjoy, to sleep and to eat~~~ it will be a 4 month holiday for all university students in malaysia to enjoy? what to do? i don’t think everyone know what to do? adam as well~ haha~

last week, i visited the new shop of James foo Western food in Penang, the location is still the same, they just move from the old shop to the new shop lot that beside them. New restaurant have a different look from the old one, everything looks new, clean and bright. The food ordering system seem improved a lot, they are using computer system also!! haha ~~

New shop attracted a lot more costumer i think, it is always crowded and still have to wait for long enough to get your food. I think i have been there twice, 1st time i waited for 45 mins and the 2nd time is faster, about 30 mins. Actually, i am really wondering what is the success key of this James Foo restaurant. All costumer willing to wait for that long to have a dinner there? hmm….

Personally, i think the weakness of the new shop is that they hide their kitchen. unlike as the old shop, the kitchen, or the place they prepare food is just at the entrance, full of fresh ingredient and chops are there for you to explore, that really raise our appetite. Prices are increased a bit if i m not mistaken, the chicken chops that i like is increase from rm7 to rm8. that is still available but adam is worrying about the degrading in taste….. i see that the french fries that they used to serve along is changed…. somehow,  i think the taste of the old one is better…. haha

here, i present to you few photo of the food of James Foo…. want to know more? have a visit to them from 5.30pm to 11.30 pm…

Black pepper chicken chop

漫长的假期开始了, 该做些什么,我都没有什么想法,我只想睡觉和吃吃吃。。。 哈哈~最近少了一些新的食谱,而我总是写写美食介绍,不是因为我懒惰了,而是我需要时间反省一下我的个人食谱~~~ 研究一下别人的,再看看自己的。

上星期,我拜访了james foo 白云山的新店面。 新店面就在旧店面的旁边,一样的地点,不同的感觉。 新店面像换了一个新主题,看起来整齐,干净,亮丽很多。 总是人山人海的, 我真不知道为什么人家的店能做的那么成功? 新店面的点菜系统用成电脑化了,可是还是必须等上不少时间,我去了2次,一次等了45分钟,另外一次等了30分钟,我建议大家要是真的饿了,点个 garden salad, mushroom soup来填填胃好点哦~ 哈哈~ 要等那么久,大家还是乖乖的等,人家真强啊~~

新店面的厨房被藏了起来,不像以前的店面,准备食物的地方就在门口,一览无遗,食材摆放在哪里,看了口水都流。。。 没搞错的话,价钱作了些调整,7块钱的鸡扒变成了8块。还是可以接受,就怕味道不一样了哦。。。

Hawaii chicken

stuffed fish


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  2. Hello~do you have any recipes for chicken chop??(grilled or barbecue)??

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