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mayonnaise broccoli

this is a sleepy and hard week for adam… the study week~ the work for a student to do during study week suppose to be studying but adam end up sleeping and also hanging around! however~ i still have some “spared time” to play around in the kitchen to make some new recipe~

today~ i made something weird~~ mayonnaise plus broccoli~ what is the taste? try it out!

ingredients :

  • 1 pieces of average size broccoli
  • sugar
  • salt
  • butter
  • mayonnaise
  • carrot
  • garlic

here we go~

  1. boil the broccoli and carrot over boiled water for few minutes~ you can adjust the degree of cooking by your own taste. some might like crunchy some might likes soft one.
  2. heat a pan with butter. saute garlic until fragrance.
  3. add into boiled broccoli and carrot.
  4. add in 1 teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of salt.
  5. now, add in mayonnaise, i added about 2 big tablespoon.
  6. mix them well over medium fire.
  7. done!

isn”t so easy? haha ~ the taste is nice enough i think~ give me your comment about this!~

要考试了,我还在睡觉,乱来,乱逛,在厨房玩!!! 哈哈~ 应该是要读书才对的嘛~~哈哈

今天我做了一道花椰菜+美奶兹 ~~ 我感觉味道还不错,就和你们分享下啦~~


  • 花椰菜一个
  • 萝卜
  • 牛油
  • 蒜头


  1. 把切好,洗净的花椰菜和萝卜烫水一下。 这里可以自己调整熟度,看你是喜欢硬点还是软点的口感
  2. 加入牛油爆香蒜头。
  3. 加入煮好的菜。
  4. 加入糖,盐适量
  5. 然后加入美奶兹。
  6. 中火翻炒均匀。
  7. 完成!

容易吧?试试看哦~ 让我知道你对这道食谱感觉如何~~


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