the way to the real adam's recipe

Again, adam did not update his blog frequently~ haha~ it is now study for adam~ a crazy week for him and other students!!

exam in the uni is never so easy~ hard life during study week is so pathetic~ i think adam cannot go for food hunting during this exam period~!

fortunately, i have the chance for a food outing with coursemate last week~ we tried wong chao jun fish mihun, ming xian tai eggtart, teo chew cendol and this continental bakery~

this bakery is near to the new world park ~ i can sure to you ~ it is easy to find because the nice smell from the shop is too impressive!

we had tried on few food of the shop~ i found that i like the blueberry pie and cream puff alot! haha~

the blueberry pie looks something salty for me but the taste is sweet and sour and full of blue berry jam! i like that combination of the jam with the crispy crumb! actually i’m not a blueberry lover but i do not know why i feel the taste of this pie suits me~ if you also one of the people like me, do have a try on it.  And the cream puff is full of smooth and tasty cream~ the cream is not too sweet and i am sure you can eat more and more !

又是一段时间我没有更新咯~ 考试要到了~ 好可怜啊~我想考试期间都没有时间去“觅食”了~! 幸好,上礼拜找了时间和同学再去了一次“美事之旅” 哈哈~ 我们吃了 王昭君鱼肉米粉,茗香泰蛋挞~尖堆~ 还有今天的介绍《五洲糕饼》!

这家糕饼店靠近 新世界~ 不难找,我相信他们店里传出来的香味就是最好的指标! 我们试了好几种糕饼, 可是我想推荐 泡芙 还有 蓝莓派!

泡芙好好吃哦~ 奶油甜得不过分,香滑不腻,我相信你吃再多都可以! 蓝莓派也好特别,看起来像是咸口味的食物,可是里面是满满的酸酸甜甜蓝莓酱! 配搭香脆的饼皮,感觉很好! 虽然我不是蓝莓爱好者,可是我都觉得味道很好噢! 有机会要试试看!


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