the way to the real adam's recipe

aiyoyo~ again another long time adam did not update his blog~  uni life is not easy~ adam wants to have his own recipe shop also not easy~ haha

today i gonna introduce you a cendol stall in penang that is really famous in penang~ even minister lim guang eng try it before~ ( as i saw in photo la)

this penang famous teo chew cendol located in jalan penang~ a small lorong~ each bowl only rm1.90. they using brown sugar that is really fragrance and i feel the taste is never too sweet so i think most people find it tasty enough.

it is cheap and nice~ i like penang cendol because it is always serve in a bigger portion than what usually i had in my hometown. The green greeny cendol is smooth and the owner never stingy to serve to you~ let have a try when you have a chance!

哎呀呀~~ 有是好一段时间没有更新我的部落各~ 好可怜啊~ 大学生活不容易,生活不容易。我在梦想着开自己的餐厅也不容易啊~~~ 哈哈

今天给你介绍槟城出名的 “尖堆” 就是cendol.  这档尖堆看起来可真好料~ 槟城首长都来过(我看见照片)

之前就想介绍了, 就是没有机会拍到照片, 所以今天才POSt 上来。这里的尖堆经济有好味,他们用的是椰糖吧~ 很香~浓~ 那些青青软软滑滑的尖堆,老板一点都不吝啬给你哦~ 价钱才1.9 很OK拉~ 哈哈

我比较喜欢这里的尖堆因为分量够大方~ 有机会试试看!


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