the way to the real adam's recipe

do you remember the eggtart from ming xiang tai ?  this greenhouse hokkien mee is just beside it and it is located in the burmah road~

this greenhouse shop only operate at night so you will miss it when u visit the place at day time~

this hokkien mee is nice and full of taste~ i can say the soup is thick in taste but not over. This particular hokkien mee has alot of combination to choose~ whether you want a pork ribs, extra eggs or even fish balls. the choices are ready there~ just give it a try when you have a chance to visit there!


还记得我介绍过的 茗香溙蛋挞?今天给你介绍的青屋福建面就在它隔壁。 不过你得晚上去才吃得到~哈哈。

这档福建面与众不同的地方是有多种配料可以选择,排骨,卤蛋到鱼丸都有~ 汤汁很浓味道却不过分~ 价钱也很合理~ 3.5 到5块钱~

地方满容易找到的。 有机会试试看哦~


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