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last week i have a chance to visit the wong chau jun fish head mihun again ~ i am still remember the super nice taste of thier spicy and sour fish mihun~ this time i order again the same food and it still taste so nice!! besides, i tried the famous toufu of theirs~ that is really impressive~!!!! fragrance and nice~ the toufu is tender ~ it is fried with salt i think~ the salty taste is just too compatible with the shrimp gravy that serves together~~ it looks really dull but i never taste this flavor before~ it tasted similar to those fried toufu in pasar malam~ but this is really different and impressive~ go and have a try!


上礼拜~ 有机会再去了一次 王昭君鱼头米粉,我对他们对鱼肉米粉还是念念不忘哦~ 点了一样的鱼肉米粉,味道还是一样好!真的是太美味了! 哈哈~ 我也点了 "招牌豆腐” 这个豆腐好不简单啊~ 香,软,滑~ 外面咸咸的~ 我觉得是加盐炸过~然后加上特别的酱料煮过吧~酱料很香哦~ 有虾米,还有不知道什么了。总之很好吃~有机会试试看!


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