the way to the real adam's recipe

wow~ it has been a long time adam did not update his recipe again~ this is sad~ yea~ somekind of sad thing was happen~ adam was busy with test and assignment and now is still busying with those that~

this end up adam has no time to cook~!

but today i still have something to share with you ~ it is fried rice cake ~ nice snack!


  • rice cake
  • soya sauce
  • pepper
  • chili powder
  • cake flour or cornstarch


here we go~

  1. rice cake soak with water according to the instruction
  2. cook the rice cake with boiled water for a while
  3. rinse with cold water
  4. seasoning with soya sauce and pepper powder, some salt and sugar
  5. add in starch powder or cake flour
  6. fry over medium fire until the colour turn into golden brown~
  7. if you wish it taste more fragrance~ take some chili powder and mix them well when it is done.

this is easy and taste good~ chewy and fragrance! try it! haha


好久又没有更新我的食谱了~ 好伤心~ 伤心的是我一直在忙考试~ 做功课~ 好多事情啊~ 大学就是这样的一个世界~ 什么都可以发生的咯~不说了~

我今天还是有东西介绍的~ 炸年糕


  • 白米果 (年糕)
  • 酱清
  • 胡椒
  • 炸粉
  • 辣椒粉


  1. 年糕或白米果泡水发过。
  2. 用热水煮过,过冷水。
  3. 加入酱清,胡椒调味。
  4. 加入炸粉
  5. 然后中火炸至金黄.

简单吧? 味道不错的! 香脆又咬劲~ 哈哈~ 试试看!



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