the way to the real adam's recipe

adam’s miso mihun~

I think miso soup is common for you but what about this miso mihun? miso is something quite good for your health and the taste is quite compatible with the mihun as well….


  • mihun
  • miso
  • chilies ( optional)
  • mushroom
  • onion

here we go~

  1. soak the mihun and dried mushroom until soft
  2. heat a pan with a little of oil.
  3. add in mushroom, onion and chilies. fry them until the fragrance is out.
  4. add in miso and suitable amount of water.
  5. in in mihun and mix them well.
  6. you can choose to have some sugar or soya sauce for seasoning but it is just ok to have miso alone.

this is really simple and nice to eat~ try it out!


味增汤大家知道吧? 味增煮米粉? 哈哈~ 味增是很好的发酵食品~ 多吃无妨~ 我们来看看怎么做吧~


  • 米粉
  • 味增
  • 辣椒
  • 香菇


  1. 把米粉和香菇泡水至软~
  2. 热锅,把香菇,辣椒,葱炒香。
  3. 加入味增和适量的水~
  4. 加入米粉翻炒均匀~
  5. 可以加入少许糖和酱清,如果只是味增,味道也不错。

简单容易吧? 试试看!


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