the way to the real adam's recipe

adam’s fry prawn~

Do you like to eat seafood? how about prawn? adam likes to eat prawn sometimes~  i heard that boys are suitable to eat prawn and girls should eat more crab~ is it true? nothing to prove it i think~ but that is really nice to have seafood once a while~

adam had try this fry prawn recipe and it taste good~ so now i share with you~


  • medium prawn
  • soya sauce
  • pepper
  • salt
  • flour
  • egg
  • bread crumb

here we go~

  1. Peel the shell or skin of the prawn of the middle part only. ( left the head and the tail)
  2. remove the intestine of the prawn.
  3. marinating with a little salt, saya sauce and pepper.
  4. coat them with flour, egg and follow with bread crumb.
  5. fry them over medium fire for few minutes. ( accordingly due to the size of the prawn)

tips: you can actually choose to fully peel the skin of the prawn if you want it to be easy for eating or you can still leave the skin for frying but of course you have to marinate for a longer time~ it is good in taste~ try it!

你喜欢海鲜吗?我个人蛮喜欢吃虾的~ 听说男人适合吃虾~ 女人适合吃螃蟹~ 原因何在? 我不知道勒~ 哈哈~ 给自己找个理由吃吃海鲜而已? 哈哈~ 今天介绍 炸虾~蛮普通的但是味道不错哦~


  • 中虾
  • 胡椒
  • 酱清
  • 面粉
  • 鸡蛋
  • 面包粉


  1. 把虾去壳~ 留下头和尾巴
  2. 除去肠子~
  3. 加入盐,胡椒,酱清少许调味腌制~
  4. 裹上面粉,鸡蛋,然后是面包粉
  5. 中火炸到金黄色~ 就好了~

虾子可以选择完全剥掉壳,也可以完全保留壳~ 依照喜好吧~ 如果保留壳,腌制时间要久一些咯~ 味道真的不错哦~ 试试看!



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