the way to the real adam's recipe

Bak gua (preserved meat) is the food we will eat during chinese new year~ i think most of you tried also the bak gua fried rice~ but i not sure whether your style is similar to my style or not? haha~


  • bak gua
  • rice
  • onion
  • spring onion
  • egg
  • prawn

here we go~

  1. stir fry onion, prawn and egg in the pan.
  2. add in bak gua~ ( it is optional to add oil before 1st step, you may find bak gua is oily)
  3. now, add in rice~ fry for about 4mins.
  4. add in sugar~ salt and pepper seasoning.
  5. add in spring onion and mix them well.
  6. done.

tips: if you wish to have more fragrance~ you can try to have a fish sauce to substitute salt or simply add more fish sauce just before serving.

isn’t easy? just try it~!


肉干是很应节的过年美食, 我想很多人的试过家常的肉干炒饭~不知道你的食谱与我的有何不同?


  • 肉干
  • 洋葱
  • 青葱
  • 鸡蛋


  1. 略炒洋葱,鸡蛋和虾。
  2. 加入肉干。
  3. 加入饭,炒到饭粒分开。大概4分钟。
  4. 接着加入糖盐,胡椒作调味。
  5. 加入青葱,翻炒。
  6. 好了!

如果你想要香味好些~可以用鱼露代替盐,或则就在起锅前加上一些鱼露呛呛锅~味道会很好噢~ 试试看吧~



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