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crepe cottage~ mushroom soup

hey~ it has been quite some time adam did not update his blog during this chinese new year~ haha~

during this new year~ adam has eat a lot but cannot really gain weight~ why? ( adam is a thin guy) T.T haha

this time~ i have a chance to go to the crepe cottage with my juniors~ of course i introduced the very delicious mango ice cream to my juniors and they really like it~ they ordered the mango cup and it is really nice~

besides, we tried on the mushroom soup of crepe cottage~ it is also nice and tasty~ the soup is creamy, thick, and fulled with ingredients. There are mushroom and meat inside!  The soup is fragrance and served with a garlic buttered bread, that is really crispy and tasty~! i really like it and i m sure you all will be impressed by the nice taste of it and the combination~ the price is affordable at only rm6. Lets have a try if you have chance!

过年期间我都没有更新部落各~ 吃了好多,还是没有增加重量~ 我好瘦勒,不知道是好还是不好噢~

这次我有机会带了几个小师弟师妹去了我喜欢光顾的 crepe cottage,我理所当然的介绍了好味无比的芒果冰淇淋给他们,他们对它也真是赞不绝口~ 好料!点了 mango cup~我想他们都爱上了 crepe cottage~

我们也点了蘑菇汤,他们的蘑菇汤也真的不错。汤很浓郁,材料十足~有蘑菇,还有肉类~ 浓郁中有不过分~ 真的是很好吃~ 蘑菇汤还配上了蒜头牛油面包~ 香脆哦~ 配起来真是很好味!哈哈~ 有机会试试看哦~ 不然后悔~


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