the way to the real adam's recipe

there is a small and ordinary coffee shop that selling a special dessert that is not ordinary~~ the shop is named Kek Seng.

their famous food is the homemade durian ice cream with ice kacang~ it is really nice and tempting ice cream~

the ice kacang is different that it serve with homemade durian ice cream as well as pudding~ adam find the durian ice cream is really nice and good in taste~

there are other food sell in the Kok Seng coffee shop also~ i will recommend to you after this!

槟城靠近 komtar 附近有间平常的小咖啡店,可是卖了一些小小不平常的食物哦~ kek seng homemade durian ice cream~ 自制流连雪糕还有红豆冰!

他们的红豆冰加上了榴莲雪糕还有布丁~ 我最喜欢还是榴莲雪糕~不太甜,味道好~ 真的有自家做的雪糕风味!的确很有风格~ 有机会要试试看! 除了红豆冰,咖啡店里也卖了其他食物~ 下回给你介绍!


Comments on: "Penang road Homemade durian ice cream~" (2)

  1. Poh Chuin said:

    Kek Seng, not Kok Seng la…Kok Meng..

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