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Bukit mertajam yam rice~

Yam rice is quite a common food among chinese in malaysia~ the rice is cook with yam and some thick soya sauce~

yam rice is quite compatible with many other food~ some will serve with “bak kut teh” and some will serve it with sour spicy soup

adam had a chance to try the famous bukit mertajam yam rice during last outing~ this is really nice~ the rice is succulent and the yam is soft and fragrance enough… the soup that they serve is a spicy and sour soup that full of ingredients. meat balls…. pork intestine and etc…. the soup is really nice and i can tell you that you will being impressed by it!

芋头饭算是平常的食物, 饭加上芋头和酱油~ 味道的确不错~

芋头饭的搭配很过哦~ 可以配上肉骨茶,酸辣汤,猪杂汤或者单吃~!

上次去了一趟BM, 有机会尝试到大山脚的芋头饭,的确不错哦~ 饭粒饱满,芋头软又香。最好吃的还是他的酸辣猪杂汤!实在好味又好料! 肉丸,猪肠,猪肚,还有好多~ 经济又好味!


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  1. […] yam rice is also another very common food among chinese, i remember that  i have wrote about Bukit Mertajam Yam rice.  That was a nice food hunting trip and the yam rice was one of the most unforgotten […]

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