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adam’s pumpkin dessert

it has been long time adam does not update this recipe blog already~ but still i want to say that even tough i’m busy i will still try out new recipe whenever i have the mood! haha

this time adam found some pumpkin, green bean, barley and evaporated milk in the fridge~

what to do? let see


  • pumpkin
  • green bean
  • barley
  • evaporated milk
  • gula melaka

here we go~

  1. cook green bean and barley for a least 30min to make sure they are cook and soft.
  2. add in gula melaka and pumpkin
  3. cook until gula melaka is melted and pumpkin is soft.
  4. add in evaporated milk and boil for few minutes~
  5. done!

isn’t it so easy? i think you all never tried this kind of dessert before~ the taste is nice~~! believe me~! give it a try and enjoy!


一个礼拜没有更新我的食谱了~ 忙虽忙,我还是要说,我就是忙里偷闲的做了新的食谱出来~ 这次是金瓜糖水~


  • 金瓜
  • 绿豆
  • 薏米
  • 淡奶
  • 椰糖


  1. 把绿豆薏米煮30分钟~
  2. 加入椰糖和金瓜~ 煮至金瓜软。
  3. 加入淡奶。
  4. 滚一滚~ 好了

容易吧? 特别吧? 很好味哦? 我相信你们一定没有试过这样的糖水!试试看!


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