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air itam – char kuey kak

this char kuey kak is a very common food in penang as well as other state of north in malaysia~

i think it is basically similar with the ” chai tau kuey” in the south state. the different is only their flavor.

char kuay kak in penang always looks black because of the thick soya sauce is added~ the flavor is tend to be sweet than salty flavor~ but it is easily found that the food is over sweet or too oily~ but adam have found a stall in air itam that sell this char kuey kak with a very nice taste.

the looks by itself is just the same with others~ but the taste is different! it is not so sweet compare to the others~ the “kuey” ( i think mostly it is carrot cake” is some kind of crisp  and not that soft and not slimy~ the price is really cheap~! it is about only rm 1.5 to 3 if not mistaken! must have a try on this stall of char kuey kak!


炒果角在槟城和其他北边的州都是很平常的食物,好像南部的“菜头果”一样~ 我觉得他们都是萝卜糕~ 只是炒的方式不同~

炒果角的风味不同于菜头果~ 炒果角是黑色的~ 因为加入了黑酱油~ 味道偏甜~ 菜头果就不同了~ 味道偏咸~不加黑酱油~

通常我吃到的炒果角味道都太甜了~ 萝卜糕有时也太软~

这档炒果角就不一样了哦~ 卖相一般般~ 味道却不同于别人的~ 不太甜~ 味道不过分~ 萝卜糕不太烂,不太软~ 有种煎炒的香味!价钱不贵而且很值得试试看哦~


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