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adam has recommended you many nice food before and this time i’m going to intro you some snack food~ the eggtart~

there are several “genre” of eggtart~ this ming xiang tai trishaw egg tart is bit different~ the crust is kind of soft but crispy one~ the crust is just like something with very very thin layer that stack together and makes the mouthfeel to be crisp and kind of soft~ but of course the fragrance of it is so nice~

the egg filling also smooth and not that sweet~ i can tell you that is really enjoying to have the eggtart as teatime break snack~ it is just too enjoy and you will love the taste!

other than egg tart~ there are others kind of biscuits available and also really nice to eat~ such as siew pao~ shao bing~ and many more~ you should have a try on them too!!


介绍过了不少美食~还没有为大家介绍一些小点心~ 今天介绍给你~ 名香泰蛋挞~

蛋挞普通吧~ 这家的蛋挞不一样哦~ 外皮是由多层薄薄的脆皮组成~ 味道够香! 蛋液也很滑~味道不太甜~如果天天能够吃到这样的蛋挞作下午茶点心一定开心死啊~ 哈哈

除了蛋挞~ 店里也有不少饼类点心~ 比如烧包~ 什么武大郎烧饼~ 都非常好味!记得试试看!


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  1. […] you remember the eggtart from ming xiang tai ?  this greenhouse hokkien mee is just beside it and it is located in the burmah […]

  2. […] i have the chance for a food outing with coursemate last week~ we tried wong chao jun fish mihun, ming xian tai eggtart, teo chew cendol and this continental […]

  3. Thanks for your recommendation. We will be opening out new branch at Suntech soon. Add us on > Stay tuned with more updates from us 🙂

  4. Hi Adam,

    Our new branch is now opened. Do visit us at the new place whenever possible. I’ve attached the link to our menu and location map:

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