the way to the real adam's recipe

again this is from the james foo western food in penang~ the garden salad~ salad is really a common food but the nice and delicious one is really hard to find~ this garden salad is really attracting adam.

the vegetables are so crispy and fresh~ the sauce they used is thousand island sauce~ and their sauce is really special and unique in flavor that makes this salad so nice! the serving is quite big and you can order it and share this tasty food with your friends!

come and try if you have chance~ don’t miss it!

这次还是介绍 james foo western food 的食物~ 我发现他们的鸡扒好吃之外~ 萨拉也做的很好味!萨拉是很普通的食物~ 他们的这道 garden salad 用上了新鲜的蔬菜和特制 千岛酱~ 店家的千岛酱真的很好味~ 有与众不同的感觉~ 我自认做不到~哈哈哈~



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