the way to the real adam's recipe

adam had tried to make his own style of cola chicken last time and the responses from friends was not bad~ this time~ adam make another time of cola chicken with the typical simple recipe~ it is really tasty and simple and you will sure impressed by the taste~


  • coca-cola
  • chicken wings ~ wings is the best choice due to the skin as protection
  • dried chilies~ (optional)

here we go~

  1. pan fry the chicken wings with a little amount of oil until the both side are golden colour.
  2. add in coca-cola drinks that cover the chickens.
  3. add in few dried chilies if you want to.
  4. you can choose to add some salt or soya sauce~ to neutral the taste.
  5. cook over medium fire until the cola drink is thicken and dry.
  6. done!

isn’t it is so easy compare to the previous recipe? quickly have a try and let me know what is your opinion!! haha~

还记得之前介绍过的可乐鸡? 今天我给你介绍的是比较传统式的可乐鸡做法~ 也是最简单的做法~ 虽然简单,味道却不简单!


  • 可乐
  • 鸡翅膀~鸡翅膀是首选!
  • 辣椒干(选择性)


  1. 将处理好的鸡翅在锅中煎到2面都金黄~
  2. 加入可乐,刚好盖过鸡肉的分量就可以了!
  3. 加入辣椒干。
  4. 你可以选择加入盐或酱清调味。
  5. 中火煮至可乐收干。
  6. 好了!

这道可乐鸡的确简单容易~ 味道很好。 同样的, 可乐给了不同的风味~ 其他调味料做不到的哦!赶快试试看!


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