the way to the real adam's recipe

this is again the food from crepe cottage in penang~

do you still remember the sunburst? it is a fluffy pancake with mango and mango ice cream on top. this time adam have tried on the mango cup~ this time is no more pancake but the crepe.

the crepe is so crispy and the fragrance~ the crepe is made like a bowl shape and you can see mango ice cream on top~

beneath it are full of fresh and juicy mango~~ wow~ the taste is nice and great~ !!!  if you wish to have their ice cream only~ you also can simply order the ice cream~ it is cheap and nice~~~!!! enjoy!

这次还是介绍crepe cottage 的食物~ 还记得sunburst? 这一次我尝试了 mango cup~ 少了松软的 pancake~取代的是香脆的 crepe,脆饼~

店主把脆饼做成碗状~ 上面摆了我相信是他们店里最好吃的芒果雪糕~ 雪糕下面是满满的新鲜芒果!!

味道非常好!!! 和Sunburst 比起来别有风味! 记得试试看!!如果你只想吃雪糕~当然可以单点!便宜又好吃!


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