the way to the real adam's recipe

western food may not be always expensive and must available only at high class restaurant~ we actually can find quite many economic western food around us but the tasty one is just hard to find~

adam have a chance to go this james foo western food restaurant in penang~ this restaurant run by chinese and they offer various kind of western food~ adam likes the chicken chop most! it is cheap and tasty enough!!

the serving is not small and the sauce they served with the chicken chop is so unique ~

sometimes the restaurant is just too crowded so you have to be patient before you actually enjoy the food~ haha

must try if you have a chance!!!


西餐通常给人的印象是高级又贵的食物。可今天我们其实很容易找得到经济的西餐~ 不过要找到好吃的就不容易了~

我在槟城式过一间华人经营的经济西餐厅~ jame foo western food 在白云山~ 他们的菜单里有好多种类西餐供选择。可是我还是喜欢他们的鸡扒~便宜又好吃~尤其是那个酱料~味道独特有不过分~  一份鸡扒分量也不算小~非常值得!




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