the way to the real adam's recipe

jalan rangoon is near to the famous jalan macalister where we can find many good food~this wong chau jun fish head mihun is one of it that you must try!

the restaurant offer various kind of dishes~ this spicy and sour flavor fish head mihun is really worth to eat!

the looks is just plain and you may think it is just so common~ adam thinks like that too when the soup is served~ but~ “wow” after you taste it! the taste is so great that i am sure you never tasted before.

the sour and spicy flavor is really a good appetizer that make you even want to eat more and more! believe me~ go and have a try!


除了有名的中路~槟城乔治市多的是美食~jalan rangoon位于中路旁~ 有间“王昭君鱼头米粉” ~ 里面的酸辣鱼头米粉是必点的哦~

餐馆有不少好菜~ 我还是喜欢这道酸辣鱼肉米粉

他的卖相实在很普通~ 看起来像清汤~可是味道保证让你喊“赞"!酸辣的口味更是很好的开胃药~让你一吃再吃~不停口!



Comments on: "wong chau jun fish head mihun~ 王昭君鱼头米粉 jalan rangoon" (3)

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