the way to the real adam's recipe

do you still remember the pumpkin spaghetti that adam introduced to you before? do you impressed by the creative combination? haha~

again~ adam makes use of pumpkin to make another pumpkin fried noodles that taste a bit different~ it is just like the malay style fried noodles in some sense~


  • pumpkin paste~ refer pumpkin spaghetti to see how to prepapre
  • tomato sauce
  • sugar
  • vegetables ( cabbage, chilies, carrot, onion etc as you like)
  • soya sauce
  • noodles

here we go~

  1. place the vegetables in the pan and fry them until soft~
  2. add in pumpkin paste and little water~
  3. add in tomato sauce~ not too much~ and also sugar
  4. now add in noodles
  5. mix them well
  6. add some soya sauce to neutralize the taste~
  7. done!

isn’t easy~ there is no tips for it~ the taste you can just adjust to the best as you like~ it is really good with a pumpkin in your noodles~ haha


之前介绍过了 金瓜意大利面~ 有点中西味道的哦~你觉得如何呢?

今天介绍一道类似的金瓜炒面~ 他没有西味~ 反而有点像马来式炒面~


  • 金瓜泥
  • 番茄酱
  • 蔬菜(包菜,萝卜,辣椒,洋葱,依照个人喜爱)
  • 面条
  • 酱清


  1. 把蔬菜炒软~
  2. 加入金瓜泥,放入少许水。
  3. 加上番茄酱和糖适量。
  4. 加入面条炒匀。
  5. 加上酱清调味。
  6. 好了!

很简单吧~? 这道面条没有什么窍门~味道调的好,依照自己的喜爱最重要!哈哈~ 试试看吧~


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