the way to the real adam's recipe

again~ it is from the jalan macalister in penang! the che chong chok~

basically it is a pork intestine we called it che chong~

adam likes this stall porridge with the fried and cooked che chong~ the taste is great where these pork combine with the smooth and fragrance porridge~ the owner also added some roasted lean meat ( char siew ) in the porridge that makes the porridge taste much much nicer~!!!


这次介绍的食物还是来自槟城中路! 猪什粥~

猪什其实是猪肠~ 我很喜欢这档的粥因为他配上炸过和没有炸过的猪肠~ 猪肠和那滑滑的粥搭配起来太好味了!



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