the way to the real adam's recipe

now is already 2011 and no more 2010~ new year had come~ new idea will be always there~

adam had prepare pancakes for the countdown party~ remember the soya milk pancake?  yea~ now making modification and the taste is further increased~

ingredients:Add an Image

that is just exactly same with soya milk pancake~

but~ you can choose a filling~ chocolate or peanut butter~

here we go~

  1. follow the steps to make the batter of soya milk pancake~
  2. now got to be careful~
  3. heat a pan with low fire.
  4. pour the batter on the pan evenly~ it should be just fit the size of pan~ maybe 22 cm pan is just right
  5. once the batter spread evenly~ put the filling you wan on top of it~ it can be chocolate or peanut butter.
  6. due to the batter is still quite liquid ~ you cannot spread the filling so evenly~ it is ok~
  7. then pour again the batter to cover the fillings
  8. now cook for 10mins over slow fire.
  9. turn to another side and cook for another 10 mins.
  10. done!

this big pancake need more careful handling because the size is big and slow fire is needed to make sure that is welly cooked. give it a try~ it is so nice taste~!


之前给大家介绍过了 soya pancake~在新的一年里面~新的灵感源源不断~哈哈~ 之所以~我突然来个灵感~把原本的 pancake 食谱改改~


依照所有 adam’s soya milk pancake 材料



  1. 依照 adam’s soya milk pancake 做法准备面糊.
  2. 小火烧开不粘锅。
  3. 把面糊倒入~均匀铺满锅面~差不多22cm的锅面是不错的选择。
  4. 加入馅料~ 把巧克力或花生酱放在面糊上~
  5. 由于面糊还是液体状~ 材料不可能均匀涂上~尽量放满就好~
  6. 再倒入一些面糊~遮盖掉馅料就好~
  7. 煮上10分钟~记得用小火
  8. 反面再煮10分钟~
  9. 好了!

大的pancake 在煎煮的 时候更考功夫些~ 火候时间都是重点~ 避免里面不熟,小火耐心的烤食必要的!试试看吧~新感觉哦~




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