the way to the real adam's recipe

adam’s pear soup


recently the weather is hot and unstable~ adam have make some nice and cooling effect dessert~ it is so simple and really taste nice~

the pear soup~



  • pear x 2
  • red dates x 5
  • rock sugar
  • yu zhu~ (chinese traditional medicine that good for lung) optional

here we go~

  1. skin and cut the pear into small piece
  2. place them in a bowl
  3. add in red dates, yu zhu and sugar
  4. add in water about 2 cup
  5. steam over medium fire for 30 mins
  6. done

the taste is just so refreshing and you will like it! try and let me know what you feel~

最近天气忽冷忽热~ 好多人病了~ 今天我来为你们介绍雪梨糖~ 消热润肺的好料!


  • 雪梨2个
  • 红枣5个
  • 冰糖
  • 玉竹(选择性)


  1. 雪梨削皮切快。
  2. 摆进碗中
  3. 加入红枣,冰糖,玉竹。
  4. 加水,大概2杯。
  5. 中火蒸30分钟!
  6. 好了!

简单又快速! 味道很好噢!试试看吧~


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