the way to the real adam's recipe

yesterday, i was going out with my seniors and hanging around gurney plaza penang~ there is a shop that my senior strongly recommend and we went there have a try.

it is crepe cottage~ the shop is small~ and it is not that obvious with big board or what… very simple and comfortable design~

the shop is actually modified from a  tradition malay style tall houses~

we ordered the pancake with mango ice-cream. it is called sunburst! the taste is so nice and i can tell you that it is just bursting tasty.

the mango ice cream is so abundance with flavor and the taste is thick like chocolate~ i like it!  the pancake is also smooth and spongy enough!

if you have a chance~ go and try~ i am sure the flavor is just too nice for you and me!

the bursting tasty mango ice cream

昨天,和师兄师姐去了一趟 gurney plaza penang 闲逛。 师姐强力推荐了一家 crepe cottage 的餐厅~

crepe cottage 是间小店,简单又舒服的装修~ 而他其实是由传统式的马来高脚屋改建的吧~很有风格~

我们点了 sunburst ~ 就是芒果雪糕加上 pancake。 告诉你,那个芒果雪糕的味道实在是太好了! 味道非常浓郁又不过分~ 浓郁得只有巧克力可以比~ 真的好像在吃巧克力一样!pancake 也做得松软绵密~ 搭配起来实在太享受了!

有机会一定要去试试看! 保证会令你一试再试!


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