the way to the real adam's recipe

wantan mee is very common among chinese in malaysia~ wantan basically is similar to dumplings but smaller and the taste is heavier.

i come to penang study and i found that the wanton mee in penang and most north part is different from what i usually have in johor, the south part.

in johor~ the wanton mee u can choose whether chilies added or not~ with the owner’s special recipe chilies paste~ the mee appears red colour~ while in penang~ you cant find any wanton mee with chilies pasted added~ all black in colour with only soya sauce i think~ if you wish to have a chilies, sambal balacan or pickle green chilies is served.

talk about wanton mee~ the wanton plays important roles~ mostly the wanton we eat is just small~ full of winkles and the filling is so less and salty. haha~ sound bad~ this special wanton mee that adam recommended is just different~ their wanton is smooth, with big filling and there is a whole crunchy prawn inside every single wanton!

the gravy is special formulated too i think~ it looks heavy taste but the taste is just nice~ give you a very pleasant taste~

adam likes the way they serve you the food~ the wanton is embedded inside the mee with the gravy ~ you got to “hunt” for it! haha ~~ i think this way make the wanton can further absorb the flavor of the gravy so that it taste even nicer!

just have a chance to go there and try it by yourself!

look at the prawn~ wow~ tempting



云吞面到处都吃得到~ 但是好吃的云吞面就很难吃到了!云吞不比水饺大~味道通常比较重~

当我来到槟城读书时我发现,南马和北马的云吞面有很大不同~ 在南马,通常我们会加辣椒酱或所谓“甜酱” ,面看起来是红色的! 北马就不同了!没有加入辣酱或甜酱。如果你要点辣的,档主会给你来 sambal balacan或是腌制的青辣椒~ 一开始我是觉得蛮奇怪的~ 尤其配上sambal~


当面端到你面前时,你可能不会发现有什么特别,因为云吞被“埋”在面里了!可能是要让云吞吸收酱料的味道吧~哈哈~我个人很喜欢这样的方式~ 面也很有弹性~

有机会来试试看吧~ 经济有好味!


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