the way to the real adam's recipe

wow~ this is purple colour~ we seldom have such intense purple colour in our diet unless the artificial one~ when i cook this porridge and serve to my friends ~ they thought this is yam flavor dessert~ but it is in fact a porridge~haha

sweet potato porridge is so common among us but usually we use the conventional orange colour sweet potato~ by using the purple colour one~ the appearance of the food have a great changes!

ingredients: all ingredients can be adjusted depends on own wishes

  • purple sweet potato
  • rice
  • red dates
  • wolf-berries
  • salt

here we go.

  1. add rice and water into a pot~ the basic ratio is 1 : 2~ it can be adjusted
  2. boil it for 10 mins and add in cut sweet potato.
  3. add in red dates and wolf-berries
  4. cook for another 20 to 35 mins
  5. add some salt as seasoning
  6. ready to serve!

it is just too easy~ if you still think this colour is too funny you can try other kind of sweet potato that does not give colour~


哇~这紫色的是什么啊? 我想我们很少有紫色的食物, 尤其是像粥这样的食物配上紫色~ 还记得我与朋友分享这个粥的时候,大家都以为是芋头口味的甜品! 哈哈


  • 紫色番薯
  • 红枣
  • 枸杞子


  1. 加入米和水煮沸, 基本比例1对2,可以做调整
  2. 煮沸后10分钟加入切好的番薯
  3. 加入红枣,枸杞然后再煮20到35分钟。
  4. 加入适量盐调味
  5. 好了!



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